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Who Are We?

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Throughout the years, the development and management corporation Grupo Questro, has contributed to the Los Cabos community by working to help alleviate social problems. Providing medical assistance, raising awareness about and helping people overcome drug addictions, providing educational scholarships, creating campaigns for the construction of homes and more; for more than 20 years we have made it our mission to assist the community by helping to provide solutions to social problems and issues as they arise. Based on this experience, after analyzing community needs, we formed The Questro Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated chiefly to providing educational opportunities for the financially challenged youth of Los Cabos. The Questro Foundation also maintains a commitment to assisting the community in the face of natural disasters such as hurricanes. Questro Foundation funding comes primarily from Grupo Questro developments and projects. Our executives, investors and volunteers approach the tasks at hand for the Questro Foundation with dedication and commitment. The Questro Foundation also works with administrators and teachers of local educational institutions to provide sound educational programs and opportunities for local children in a warm and loving manner. Our mission is to promote and improve educational opportunities for the children of Los Cabos in order to integrate young people into the community as healthy, productive individuals.

Our Children are our Future ... Educate Them

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