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The mission of the Questro Foundation is to promote sustainable community development by providing educational opportunities for the youth of Los Cabos.


A society comprised of prepared, productive, responsible, healthy people with a strong set of values and principles.


Honesty  |  loyalty  |  commitment  |  respect  |  responsibility
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  • To support, improve and augment quality educational opportunities for the youth of the Los Cabos community.
  • To provide the youth of Los Cabos the opportunity for continuing education through the University level.
  • To work toward improving the conditions of Educational institutions in Los Cabos, thereby increasing the quality of education and the success rate for students.
  • To provide social orientation programs that go beyond the academic into educational curriculums that provide an integral education based on values.
  • To support communities which have been negatively affected by natural disasters.
  • To improve the quality of life for disabled children and youth through the Mexican non-profit program Teletón.
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